Globalisation, it seems is here to stay. However, the speed of change and the uncertain, complex environment means that individuals would have to equip themselves with relevant lifelong skills to manage their work-life balance.

In this constant change, Self Organised Learning Environment is becoming important with advances in technology. For those who have access to the Internet, eLearning and mLearning is suddenly becoming a reality and learners need to continuously be prepared to increase their knowledge base in order to become more productive.

Across Europe, educators also need to embrace this modern ways of delivering knowledge while remaining competitive in the data-driven 21st Century society. Schools and colleges need to invest in high-quality staff development programmes that focus sharply on the priorities and actions identified to improve teaching and learning for individual teachers.

GoMobile, an Erasmus Plus project co-financed by the European Union, addresses this need. Five partners from four different EU countries (Germany, UK, Spain and Cyprus) will research and identify the latest developments across the EU in mLearning. By sharing best practices in mLearning in the region, identifying various mLearning tools, sharing ways of creating and developing mLearning curricula the GoMobile team will develop a compendium for teachers for delivery of mLearning across schools and VET sectors.

The GoMobile team will establish a set of values and objectives for mLearning giving teachers and learners across Europe the very best learning experience embracing modern technology and mLearning tools.

For more information on GoMobile please contact us here or send us an email to info@elnpartner.co.uk