With the advent of technology and the Internet, educational concept seems to have advanced from simply focused on curricula design, courses and learning materials to widely varying options of content creation, standards and guidelines that foster quality and reduce social disadvantages through OPEN Education Resources (OERs).
The EuStoRe project aims to build an inventory of high quality online OERs that will encourage the use of and development of quality OERs that are truly open to all parties who have access to the Internet. The inherent aim and objective is to have a system of guidelines and standards that could be used

(a) To create open learning scenarios for the future and
(b) To rate existing open learning activities and resources

Further, to integrate this information in the European Learning Network and Community the standards will be provided through the online platform where the inventory is easily accessible. The online platform will foster exchange of best practises in curricular design engaging regional networks via regular updates and online facilitation. For more information on EuStoRe please contact us here or send us an email to