Entrepreneurship Education in Vocational Education & Training (EEVET)

Today an individual’s skills and strengths are becoming even more important. Globalisation is here to stay and, in a world that is constantly changing, individuals have to equip themselves with relevant life long skills to manage their work-life balance.

Entrepreneurship is one such skill and it very important to develop the entrepreneurial spirit that allows to seek opportunities. This is the premise behind the ‘Entrepreneurship Education in Vocational Education & Training’ (EEVET) project which will provide entrepreneurship training to VET leaners in UK, Malta and Turkey.

The project, which started in March 2017, is composed of 2 phases. Phase 1 will focus on researching the ecosystem surrounding entrepreneurship education in the partner countries and develop training modules that address the needs highlighted in the research. Phase 2 will bring together 15 VET students and 5 VET teachers, from each partner country, together in Turkey to be trained in entrepreneurship and receive first hand advise from successful entrepreneurs.

The partners in the EEVET Project, apart from European Learning Network, are Creolabs from Malta and the Gohlisar District Education Directorate from Turkey. They will be exchanging good practices and experiences to develop a common entrepreneurship modules that promotes creativity, innovation and self-employment that can used in both personal and professional development.

The EEVET project is financed by the EU’s Erasmus+ Programme.

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