The 21st Century has brought both challenges and opportunities. Individuals will be expected to be prepared, develop skills to respond to changing circumstances, and in their work places they will be expected to self-manage even more.

The ACUMEN consortium proposes a completely new approach for the development of career management skills and resources.

Our approach considers:

  • career management as a subject to be taught
  • as a set of competences to be developed and updated
  • a skill set to be used and re-used throughout one’s working life.

It considers career management skills as key factors that will ultimately define the achievement or non-achievement of a sustainable career. It sees career management skills as key determinants of social and economic well-being. In fact, career management skills will be almost like a ‘new form of literacy’; a new “currency” that is essential in the current changing environment both the European and global employment marketplace.

We believe that traditional career guidance, although still relevant and important as a school-based or institution-based service, is wholly unsuitable to meet the needs of adults already in the workforce. There is a considerable gap in the market for freely available and easily accessible career management training resources to help adults take control of their own career path.

ACUMEN will provide a wide range of educational materials that are designed and developed with the latest digital technologies and platforms in mind. Career management is a learning area that is targeted at adults in the workforce who are removed from traditional institution-based provision.

In fact, ACUMEN will allow individuals to take control of change – ensuring that better changes create better results and, ultimately, a more rewarding career and future.

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