Active Togetherness

Active Togetherness – Learning Spaces for All Ages was led by our sister organisation AR Vocational Education & Training Ltd and funded by the European Union’s LLP Grundtvig Partnership Program.

This project focused on improving active citizenship by reducing loneliness among older generation by using different learning spaces and getting together ALL ages thereby closing the intergenerational gap. Often the only available information to older generation is via clubs and societies and in this day of internet younger generation seems disconnected from their older folks. This project used the concept of music to bring together all different age groups and sharing with each the expertise among each generation while also creating learning spaces in different location across the 6 partner countries.

Considering that most EU member states are facing similar problems, it is important to share innovative approaches in the Adult education & training area and it is this concept which was developed within the context of Active Togetherness. This transfer of innovative approaches and the development of best-practice models are the main aims of the project. For more information on Active Togetherness please contact us here or send us an email to