Our Philosophy

In line with our 3E guiding principles (to embrace diversity, enhance knowledge, empower people), we are on a mission to increase awareness among our partners and other stakeholders of the good practices within education in UK and across the EU. By implementing innovative ways of teaching and learning, we contribute to the broadening of work-ready skills among learners and easing their transition into the job market, preparing them for the 21st Century.

Our website is an ideal platform for communicating and documenting new developments in education & training with our partners, bridging knowledge across multiple educational systems in order to define a common European approach. We hope that educational researchers, employers and policymakers will continue the debate on the merits and provision of different vocational pathways, adult training or youth provisions and share their insights via our online eForm, by emails or commenting on issues raised in many of our newsletters. We also welcome your articles and case studies as well as any comments or feedback. Please write to:

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