Work experience

Many students tend to work part-time and we positively encourage this as we believe that it is the best way to learn work-related skills like communication, team-working and problem-solving that is impossible to learn from studying alone. Employers are increasingly looking for workers with good interpersonal skills, and working is a good way to develop fluency in the English language and at the same time, gain valuable work experience. Our EU programmes such as Leonardo, Grundtvig or Youth in Action are an excellent way to develop your skills for the labour market.

We provide a clear progression for your career ambitions. We will support you on programmes such as work shadowing, internships, work experience, consultancy tasks, market research to help you gain the skills that will enhance your career prospects. The duration of work placements can vary and will depend largely on your qualifications and what you may have achieved so far. If you have limited work experience or no employment history, we will provide training under simulated conditions to allow you to easily integrate into the labour market.