eLearning & Distant Courses from European Learning Network (ELN)

Our eLearning suite is carefully selected and meets the needs of learners who wish to further their Career. These courses complement the face-to-face training that we provide on a regular basis. It is important in today’s dynamic environment to keep up-to-date with knowledge and stay ahead of your competition while also getting to know new developments in your own sector. Our courses have some key features that will help you learn quicker and retain the knowledge you have gained. This includes:

  •  Interactive exercises to reinforce your learning
  • Quizzes, resources and references to expand your knowledge
  • Downloads of useful checklists and learning aids
  • Activity sheets that will promote reflective learning
  • Formal online assessment with feedback to help you improve in your practise
  • Downloads of certificates for learners who have successfully completed our courses

The following eLearning suite from ELN meets exacting standards laid by QCF (Qualification Credit Framework) which is equivalent to EQF (European Qualification Framework). The courses are divided into 5 categories:

  • Health & Social Care
  • Disability Awareness
  • Mandatory Training
  • Employment / Work Skills
  • General Courses


What is the Qualifications and Credit Framework, or QCF?

Our H&SCS courses are currently being mapped to the Qualifications Credit Framework (QCF) so that you will be able to gain credits towards your level 2 or level 3 Award, Certificate or Diploma. For our European partners and learners this is equivalent to the EQF standards. Each training course is worth between 1 and 10 credits towards your qualification and has been tried and tested to meet the stringent requirements of QCF and meets the CQC (Care Quality Commission) guidelines.

It will give learners the opportunity to obtain the qualifications they need, in a way that suits them. QCF qualifications are designed with the help of employers to ensure learners gain the skills that employers are looking for.

The QCF:

  • recognises incremental steps in learning, thereby enabling learners to build up qualifications step by step
  • helps learners achieve qualifications and skills that meet industry standards and requirements
  • provides work-based qualifications that are recognised throughout the UK
  • credits are important for any overseas learner who may be looking for rigorous and highly reputable courses to enhance their careers in local or international markets

Understand Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in Dementia Care

Aimed at those who provide care or support to individuals with dementia in a wide range of settings, this e-learning course introduces the concepts of equality, diversity and inclusion that are fundamental to person centred care practice.

Awareness of Dementia (Level 2 Award)

This e-learning course is intended for learners who already work in the health and social care profession or are preparing to work in the care of individuals with dementia.

Employment Responsibilities and Rights in Health, Social Care and Children and Young People’s Settings (Level 2 Award)

This qualification provides the knowledge to equip learners with an understanding of the health, social care and children and young people’s sector and their role within it.

Employment Responsibilities and Rights (Generic)

This e-learning course is aimed at those working in a wide range of settings and will enable learners to identify the responsibilities and rights of both employers and employees in the workplace.

Work Skills for Effective Learning and Employment (Level 2 Award)

This qualification is intended for people who are preparing to become or have recently started work as apprentices in a wide range of settings.

Preparing to Work in Adult Social Care (Level 2 Certificate)

This e-learning course is aimed at learners who are preparing to (or have recently started) working in the adult social care sector in England.

Health and Social Care – Dementia Pathway (Level 2 Diploma)

This e-learning course is intended for learners who are actively working in the adult social care sector. It provides a wealth of information about a wide range of subjects and will enable learners to develop their skills and knowledge and apply them directly to their work.

For more information on the above courses or any of our other 50 courses and how you can access our unique eLearning database, please contact us via our contact form here or our email: info@elnpartner.co.uk.

We would be happy to provide you with more details of these competitively priced courses and innovative way of learning towards your H&SCC qualifications to enhance your career prospects.